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Tips To Sell Your Used Furniture Fast

Let’s face the facts, whether you’re getting into a new place or just sprucing up your present home, the worst thing you’ll desire to worry about is having to sell your used furniture in Dubai. Alternatively, there’s a chance to generate income while decluttering your property!

To assist you, we’ve make a simple list of fast and effective strategies which will educate you on how to sell used furniture online fast – and for the most money:

  1. Figure out the health of your furniture

The very first thing you could do is to take a look at the condition of your item. Does it have blemishes? Is it in great shape? Is there any useful life left?

These are generally some of the questions you need to objectively think about while looking at your furniture. You could possibly love your item, but it’s crucial that you consider whether it’d be also appealing to a person else.

  1. Think about your timing

Many people don’t realize that timing plays a huge role in the process of selling your furniture. If you wish to sell your furniture immediately, it’s advised to lower the price of your item. This boosts the likelihood of selling your item much faster (hint: individuals are always searching for deals).

On the flip side, if you’re not in a rush, you can offer your item for a higher price and take over from there. The right buyer will show up!

Another fascinating fact about timing is that furniture market trends resemble those of real estate. People have a tendency to start selling their furniture during summer due to the fact it’s a appealing time to move into a new home.

  1. Determine the need for your furniture

When considering pricing your item, consider its qualities: age, condition, brand, not to mention, your time of sale. We typically motivate sellers to list used furniture at about 20 – 50% of the original retail price since furniture is similar to any other depreciable asset.

One exclusion: pieces which are part of a unique or special collection simply because they have a tendency to lose value once they’re obtained from their retail location.

If you’re still uncertain how you can price your furniture, make use of our Furniture Calculator. It estimates the value of your furniture according to its details.

  1. Take great images of your furniture

We’ve seen a large number of furniture listings on our site, so taking it from us: pictures is important.

Now, when we say “pictures,” we’re not just referring to stock photos. We’re actually referring to real-life images that demonstrate the actual conditions of your item.

Take into account that people buying furniture  are making decisions without seeing the item in person, and thus it’s crucial that you provide a full glimpse of the piece to help them make informed decisions about their purchase.

Not an expert in photography?

Follow these four easy suggestions to help make your furniture look picture perfect and command the best price possible:

Clean your furniture before you decide to photograph it.

Eliminate any clutter, such as pillows, throws, cups, and books

Take photos during prime hours of sunlight.

Take eye-level pictures of your furniture’s front, back, and sides

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